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Sex and LoveWhy Men Want Sex and Women Want Love - Men are frustrated with women because they never want sex. Women are frustrated with men because they always want sex. Women blame men they donít know how to love. Men blame women that they only talk about love but donít want to make it. Whether you are a man or a woman, reading this article can change your life - finally, you will be able to get rid of your frustrations about the opposite gender.
Body LanguageWhat Is Body Language? - These days everybody talks about body language - performance experts, life coaches, gossip columnists and dating gurus. But do you know what body language is?
Success SecretsThe ONLY Secret To Success - There is only one secret to success in life, and it's NOT what you think it is! It's not hard work, persistence, positive thinking, focus or confidence. Want to know what it is?
Free DatingFree Dating Sites vs. Paid Dating Sites - I have used and worked for several dating sites, both free and paid. I know Internet personals from A to Z. And I came to realize that free dating sites were awfully expensive. Want to know why?

datingHow To Ruin Your Online Dating Success - A tongue-in-cheek guide what NOT to do in your Internet dating campaign: Most people placing personal ads on dating sites seem to do everything to RUIN any of their chances for success. Are you one of them?

photosTop 4 Reasons Why You Must Have a Photo in Your Personal Ad - Any online dating site will tell you that uploading your photo can increase your chances tenfold. Here are top 4 reasons why you MUST have a photo in your Internet personals ad.

loveOnline Dating: 10 Grave Mistakes ALL People Make Ė Including You! - Online dating is fascinating. You can meet thousands of available singles that are literally just a click away, seeking love, romance, dating, marriage, friendship - and of course sex. Men and women alike join dating services hoping to make new friends and start new relationships. But there are some common mistakes ALL people make when using Internet personals. Check if you are guilty of some of them.
personal adsWhy Online Dating Services Beat Traditional Personals Every Time - Personal ads are hundreds of years old. There were already personal ads in newspapers at the beginning of 19th century. Now, with the invention of Internet, you can place your personal ad in front of hundreds of thousands of available singles. Should you even bother with placing a personal ad in newspapers those days?
Online Dating ScamsOnline Dating Scams - Before you even think about using Internet personals, you must know about dating scams. This is serious: if you get too deeply involved, a dating scam can significantly hurt not only your heart, but your finances, too. Make sure you know how to protect yourself from fraud when using dating sites!
safety tipsOnline Dating Safety Tips - Compared to the "real world" dating, some people view online dating as less safe. Nothing can be further from the truth! In fact, meeting someone online is much safer than meeting someone at your local bar: you cannot get hurt by sitting in front of your computer



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