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Top 7 Tips for selling your goods on ebay

Top 7 Tips for selling on ebay

1. Include lots of photos with close ups showing useful or eye catching detail

2. Your ebay auction should be huge with plenty of information. 
Include lots of text detailing all the big features.

3. Include links to the manufacturer's web site - preferably to a page detailing the product

4. Be honest - list any faults, scratches or dints

5. If possible, include links to online shops which are selling the item for a price much higher than you hope to sell your item for.  
Also type your item's model number and the word "review" into Google to find positive online reviews which you can include links to.

6. Start your ebay auction at a time when you think people would be online.
Your ebay auction ends exactly 1 week after you start so if you start at 3am it will end at 3am a week later
7. Lastly start the bidding as low as possible.
If you start the bidding at say $1 then by the last 12 hours of the ebay auction, hopefully your item will have accumulated at least 10 or more bids. Remember nothing really happens with ebay till the last 12 hours and often it's the last 30 mins. If in that last 30 minutes there are two similar items but one has had 2 bids and the other has had 20 then guess which one people are more likely going to go for. Nothing draws a crowd like a crowd.

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