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Top 7 Online Shopping Safety Tips

With an ever increasing number of e-commerce sites, shopping online has never been better.  The arrival of larger online
department like stores such as Deals Direct, OO and DStore bring healthy competition to the online shopping arena ensuring
many great bargains.

Along with this growth also comes the growing need for the online shopping consumer to take care when choosing where
 to shop online.  As with any transaction, there is the need to take precautions when shopping online to ensure your
experience is a positive one.

The following are some useful tips to keep in mind when shopping online.

Top 7 Online Shopping Safety Tips

1. Read the site's contact details - know who you're dealing with before purchasing
The smallest of backyard business can run very impressive web sites.  Best to know who you're dealing with before making your online purchase.  If spending a large amount when shopping online,  perhaps a quick phone call to the online shop may give you more insight into the company.  A good general rule of thumb (though not absolute) is to stick with the big names you know.

2. Ensure the payments page is a secure page
At the very least, ensure that the payments page includes https:// in the address bar rather than http://.  This tells you that your private details are encrypted between you and the online shop's web server.  However this doesn't guarantee that your online shopping merchant is using every precaution to ensure your details remain private once the details are stored on their web server.

3. Review the delivery options
Know the delivery options including method of delivery, cost and delivery times.

4. Check if the product is stored locally or being shipped from overseas
Many smaller merchants selling via ebay and similar sites ship direct from warehouses overseas.  This is not necessarily a problem though may mean increased delivery times.

5. Research your product first - know what you're getting
Best to read up on your product so you know exactly what to expect.  It's often prudent to enter "product name" and the the word "review" into Google and see what comes back.

6. Review the site's returns policy for purchases made online
If there is a problem you'll want to be able to return or exchange your online purchase with minimal fuss.  Best to know your online merchant's returns policy before purchasing.
7. Check your purchase thoroughly upon arrival
Mistakes can happen anywhere including with online shopping.  Check model numbers and package contents upon arrival.


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